Elevate your ride by using built-in smart functions that adapt to various scenarios.
Power Assist Boost for Climb Hills and Tackle Wind Resistance
Automate Lock/Unlock Function Upon Leaving/Approaching
Auto-activate Headlights
The Segway E-bike adapts performance to your physical conditions. With stepless gear regulation and customizable parameters, it precisely adjusts to your preferences.
It also supports integration with health monitoring devices for enhanced riding support.
Enhance your experience with an integrated multi-functional dashboard at your fingertips.
Explore your city with smart features like navigation, adaptive headlights, a fitness tracker and more.
Utilize cutting-edge technology to secure your
E-bike against unwanted access.
Built-in Mechanical Lock
Motion Alert
Apple Find My & GPS Dual Module Tracking
Segway IoT System
Cloud Identity Bind with Vehicle & Battery
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